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Christmas in July Dress-Up Day and TK/K Afternoon Field Trip

Hello, Campers and Families, Tomorrow is Christmas in July Dress-Up Day! Wear red and green and dress "Christmasy"! 🎄  Also, our afternoon program has a field trip for TK and K to Humboldt Redw . . . Read More

Camp Discover Starts Tomorrow!

*Please note: ​We are posting this first letter in multiple places. After today, we will only post to the "ELOP SCHOOL" feed in Parentsquare. If you cannot see the feed, please get in touch with th . . . Read More

Summer School Bus Routes and More

Dear Summer School Families, We are already a few weeks away from our first day of Camp Discover! We look forward to seeing our ELOP (Extended Learning Opportunity Program) summer school students at . . . Read More

Happy Summer! See you on August 19! 2024-25 Calendar Attached

To our families, staff, students, and community, Have a fun, safe, and wonderful summer!  We will see you for the first day of school on August 19, 2024. ☀️  For our students attending summer . . . Read More

Staff Spotlights


Staff Spotlight ~ Irma Herrera

We are delighted to feature Irma Herrera as Walker's Staff Spotlight. Ms. Herrera is a dedicated English Language Development (ELD) Aide at Linell K. Walker Elementary School. Irma has been a valued member of our school community for over 20 years, bringing her passion and commitment to supporting our students every day. Throughout her career at Walker Elementary, Irma has worked with students from TK through 4th grade, providing essential assistance and fostering a positive learning environment. Her love for the "kiddos" is evident in everything she does, and she takes great joy in seeing them grow and succeed. You can often hear her laughing and chatting with students as she walks with them in the halls. Irma's deep roots in the community add a special touch to her role. She attended South Fortuna Elementary from 1st through 5th grade, which gives her a unique connection to the area and its families. Her colleagues and students alike appreciate her warm heart and dedication. A fun fact about Irma is her love for Disneyland. Her enthusiasm for the happiest place on earth is just one of the many things that make her such a beloved member of our school family. Irma Herrera's long-standing dedication and genuine affection for her students make her an indispensable part of Walker Elementary. Her ability to connect with students and support their language development is a testament to her skill and commitment. We are incredibly fortunate to have Irma on our team, and we celebrate her positive impact on our school community every day.


Staff Spotlight ~ Yaros Zuniga

In this edition of our Staff Spotlight, we are thrilled to feature Yaros Zuniga, known affectionately as Mrs. Z. She plays a vital role as the ELD Aide and District Translator/Interpreter at Norman G. Ambrosini Elementary School and Toddy Thomas Middle School. Mrs. Z has been an integral part of our school district since 2006, dedicating her talents to supporting students and their families. Over the years, Mrs. Z has embraced various roles, starting as a one-on-one aide (also known as SCIA), a first-grade aide, and returning to SCIA before taking on new positions as a Speech Aide and ELD Program aide. Her versatility and willingness to learn new skills have made her an invaluable asset to our schools. Today, she enjoys greeting students each morning at the drop-off pad and working within the ELD program at Ambrosini and Toddy Thomas. What Mrs. Z loves most about her job is the excitement of seeing students learn and the opportunity to assist our Spanish-speaking families. Her dedication to bridging language gaps and fostering a welcoming environment for all students and families is truly inspiring. Outside of her professional life, Mrs. Z finds joy in admiring sunrises and sunsets, a passion reflecting her appreciation for everyday beauty. Mrs. Z’s commitment to education and her unwavering support for our community make her a cherished member of our school family. Her positive impact on students and her ability to connect with families across language barriers highlight the essential role she plays in our district. We are fortunate to have Yaros Zuniga as part of our team, bringing warmth and dedication to everything she does.


Staff Spotlight ~ Linda Torres

Linda Torres, a dedicated Math Intervention Teacher at Linell K. Walker Elementary School, is in the spotlight this month. Linda's journey in education has been diverse and impactful, spanning nearly three decades. Raised in Del Norte County, she first pursued a career in horticulture, earning a Master's Gardening degree from Oregon State University and starting her own business, Hidden Creek Gardens. However, her passion for teaching ignited when she volunteered in her children's classrooms. Linda moved to Arcata and obtained her teaching credential from Humboldt State University. She has been teaching for 29 years, with 23 of those years dedicated to the Fortuna Elementary School District. Throughout her career, Linda has taught various grades and subjects, from Social Studies at Eureka High School to an Opportunity class in Klamath and from 4th grade at Lincoln School to 8th grade Language Arts and Social Studies at Town School (now Fortuna Middle School). She also taught third grade at Ambrosini School before finding her current role as a Math Interventionist for grades K-4 at Walker School. Linda loves working with small groups of students, allowing her to build strong connections and meet their individual needs. She enjoys the variety of working with different grade levels and gaining insights into the various stages of mathematical thinking. This experience has reinforced her belief that students of any age can fall anywhere on the math development continuum, and it is the teacher's role to meet them where they are. A fun fact about Linda is her experience as a firefighter for the US Forest Service, highlighting her adventurous spirit and diverse background. Linda Torres's commitment to her students and ability to adapt and grow with each new role make her a cherished member of the Walker School community. Her expertise and passion for teaching continue to inspire and support the students she works with daily. We are fortunate to have Linda as part of our team, enriching the educational experience for all.


Staff Spotlight ~ Adrienne Crosswhite

Adrienne Crosswhite is featured in this Staff Spotlight and is very deserving of this honor. Adrienne is a dedicated Intervention Teacher at Toddy Thomas Middle School. She has been a part of the Fortuna Elementary School District for 20 years, with almost all of those years spent at Toddy Thomas. Her extensive experience and passion for education have significantly impacted our school community. Adrienne can often be seen decorating the hallways and corridors, organizing dress-up days, planning incentive days, taking pictures for the yearbook, and so much more! Throughout her career, Adrienne has taught 4th, 5th, and 6th grades and taken on various leadership roles, including ASB Director, Athletic Director, and coach. Her multifaceted involvement at Toddy Thomas showcases her commitment to fostering a vibrant and engaging school environment. Adrienne's contributions extend beyond the classroom. She organizes incentive days, acts as the Yearbook advisor, plans dress-up days, coaches, and runs the talent show and after-school clubs. Her efforts to create a positive school climate are evident in the numerous activities she spearheads, all aimed at making students excited about coming to school. What Adrienne loves most about her job is the opportunity to create a school atmosphere that students enjoy. Her dedication to making school a place where students want to be is a testament to her passion for education and her students' well-being. A fun fact about Adrienne is her adventurous spirit—she has swum with dolphins and even a shark! This unique experience adds an exciting dimension to her personality and reflects her willingness to embrace new challenges and experiences. Adrienne Crosswhite's commitment to her students and proactive approach to enhancing school life make her an invaluable member of the Toddy Thomas community. Her efforts in organizing various school activities and dedication to student success create a positive and dynamic environment for all. We are fortunate to have Adrienne on our team, inspiring and supporting our students daily. Thank you, Adrienne!


Staff Spotlight ~ Matt McClimon

Matthew McClimon is in the Staff Spotlight for Fortuna Elementary School District. Mr. McClimon is the dedicated music teacher at both Fortuna Middle School and Toddy Thomas Middle School. Born and raised in Fortuna, Matthew has a rich educational background that includes graduating from Toddy Thomas, graduating from Fortuna High School, earning a degree in percussion performance from Humboldt State University (now Cal Poly Humboldt), earning a degree in music education from the University of Louisville, and earning a Master’s in Jazz Studies from the University of New Orleans. Matthew began his teaching career at the Humboldt Music Academy at HSU in 1998 and continued teaching as a percussion instructor in Indiana for many years. In 2015, he returned to Fortuna to share his passion for music with the students in his hometown. At both schools, Matthew teaches music to students in grades 5-8, covering a range of classes, including Beginning Band, Intermediate Band, Advanced Band, Jazz Band, and Choir. What he loves most about his job is witnessing the progression of his students over the four years they are in middle school. He fondly recalls meeting many of them for the first time during instrument demonstrations in 5th grade, often their first band instrument exposure. Guiding their development from these initial encounters to their 8th-grade year, where many emerge as accomplished young musicians, is a rewarding experience for him. Outside the classroom, Matthew has been serving in the Army Reserve since 2010, showcasing his commitment to his country and community. Matthew McClimon's dedication to music education and his ability to inspire young musicians make him an invaluable asset to both Fortuna Middle School and Toddy Thomas Middle School. His work enriches the students’ educational experience and fosters a deep appreciation for music in the community. We are incredibly fortunate to have Matthew as part of our team, where he continues to make a lasting impact on the lives of his students.


Staff Spotlight ~ Robert Wilson

In this edition of our Staff Spotlight, we are honored to feature Robert Wilson, the dedicated custodian at Fortuna Middle School. Robert has been a cornerstone of our school community for an impressive 26 years, with a total of 36 years in education. His long-standing commitment and contributions have made him an integral part of the school's history. Robert's journey with our school began when it was known as "Town School" before the new building was constructed and it was renamed Fortuna Middle School. His hard work and dedication keep the school looking pristine, and his extra efforts ensure that the grounds remain beautiful and well-maintained. Beyond his custodial duties, Robert enriches the school community in various ways. He is a talented poet and often shares his work with the students and staff. For Veterans Day, Robert read his poem, "I Have the Rights," to honor those who have served. He also brings his passion for poetry into the classroom, teaching students the art of poetry and lessons on safety preparedness in science and the history of money in social studies. Robert's favorite part of his job is interacting with the ever-changing student body. He cherishes the dynamic environment and the opportunity to connect with new students each year, making a positive impact on their school experience. Outside of his role at Fortuna Middle School, Robert has a variety of unique interests. He enjoys chainsaw carving, bottle hounding, and gold prospecting, hobbies that reflect his adventurous and creative spirit. Robert Wilson's dedication, hard work, and multifaceted contributions make him an invaluable member of the Fortuna Middle School community. His presence and efforts have shaped the school in countless positive ways, and we are incredibly fortunate to have him on our team. Thank you, Robert, for your unwavering commitment and the many ways you enrich our school every day.


Staff Spotlight ~ Michelle Hernandez

In our latest Staff Spotlight, we are excited to feature Michelle Hernandez, a dedicated third-grade teacher at Norman G. Ambrosini Elementary School. Born and raised in Fortuna, Michelle has been an integral part of the Fortuna Elementary School District for 22 years. Before earning her teaching credential, she gained valuable experience as an aide at Walker Elementary and worked with the After School Program. Michelle's teaching journey has seen her educating students in 2nd, 3rd, and 5th grades, but she has found her true calling in third grade. Her passion for teaching is driven by her profound impact on her students' lives and the meaningful connections she forms with each child. Beyond the classroom, Michelle is an avid outdoor enthusiast. She loves hiking in the Redwood Forest, going to the beach, camping, and spending quality time with her family. A fitness lover, she also enjoys running a few miles whenever possible. Michelle is the proud mother of three wonderful children who have all attended Fortuna Elementary schools. Her oldest, Caitlin, is 22 and will soon graduate from UC Davis with a BS in Political Science. Mollie, 20, is pursuing a BA in Child Development with a minor in Psychology at Sac State. Her youngest, Cody, is a freshman at Fortuna High. A fun fact about Michelle is her love for anything made by Hostess and Ruffles Potato Chips! Michelle's dedication to her students and her love for teaching make her a cherished member of the Ambrosini Elementary community. Her commitment to making a difference in children's lives and her ability to connect with each student exemplify the qualities of an outstanding educator. We are fortunate to have Michelle Hernandez as part of our team, inspiring and nurturing our students!


Staff Spotlight ~ Cheryl Dias

Cheryl Dias was chosen for this edition of Staff Spotlight for Toddy Thomas. Cheryl is a dedicated aide who serves both Toddy Thomas Middle School and Walker Elementary School. Her journey with our district began last summer when she took on custodial work at Toddy Thomas. Since then, her role has expanded to include being a Toddy Thomas monitor and a Walker Elementary custodian. Cheryl's versatility and commitment to her work have made her an invaluable asset to both schools. Her previous experience as a cafeteria monitor further highlights her dedication to ensuring a safe and supportive environment for our students. What Cheryl enjoys most about her job is the opportunity to interact with the kids. She loves getting to know them and helping them with whatever they need. Her approachable nature and willingness to assist students make her a beloved figure in our school community. A fun fact about Cheryl is that Pam Zana was her second-grade teacher, adding a personal touch to her connection with our district. This unique tidbit reflects her long-standing ties to the community and underscores the full-circle nature of her current role. Cheryl Dias's dedication to her work and genuine care for the students shine through in everything she does. We deeply appreciate her contributions to Toddy Thomas and Walker Elementary and are fortunate to have her on our team. Cheryl's positive impact on our schools helps create a welcoming and supportive environment for all.

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